Harmon Printing provides the services of capturing fulfillment info and bulk distribution with the capacity to provide storage, distribution and mailing services for requested printed materials. We provide a timely response, while you save on labor and postage.

  • List Setup, data collection, data management
  • Whether you have postal, email or phone data, we offer contact data services to meet your needs.
Recognizing that each list is unique is the essential component of the list setup and updating process. Regardless of the list size, attributes, or complexity, we will work with you ensure that no detail is overlooked right from the start.
Mailing and fulfillments services, as a package or a-la-carte:
  • Printing
  • Storage
  • Individual response or bulk mailing response
  • Single piece response or multiple (menu) piece response
  • Express delivery to Post Office
  • Data storage, data analysis, data management
Great marketing resource for non profit organizations and for profit companies alike.