• Calendars are multi-purpose, they can be an informational tool for different groups within an organization.
  • Most calendars are staple stitched for laying flat and some are drilled for hanging.
  • There are also desk calendars which are bound as a pad and sheets are removed as the year goes on.
photo of Northwest Connecticut Draft Horse horse calendar

Northwest Connecticut Draft Horse Calendar

  • 12 Month/24 Page Calendar of Events
  • Interesting and Entertaining Photographs
  • Not for Profit Association
photo of Red Hook Central School District Calendar

Red Hook Central School District Calendar

  • School Calendar (September start)
  • Contact Information by Department
  • Activity Descriptions
photo of Dutchess BOCES Calendar

Dutchess BOCES Calendar

  • Calendar of Events
  • Calendar of Meetings
  • Course Descriptions
  • Student Guidelines

Tips for Designing Calendars

  • Use high resolution imagery
  • Consider a design treatment for holidays, school holidays, events, etc.