• Digital Printing – Variable Data
  •  Folding
  •  Collating
  •  Tabbing (large or small tabs)
  •  Inkjet Addressing
  •  Inserting & Matching Variable letters
  •  Pre-cancelled Stamping
  •  Sealing
  •  Sorting & Bundling
  •  Newburgh Post Office Delivery – discounted postage for zip code range 124 – 127
  •  Storage
  •  Custom Handwork
Database & List Management
  • Maintain information to clients database
  • Purchase a list using targeting demographic
  • Upload your current list to purge names prior to purchasing list or combine lists

Easy Mailing Service

How do we save the customer time?
  • Let us prepare your mailing using our state of the art mailing equipment to process your job with a 1-2 business day turnaround depending on quantity.
How do we save the customer money? We all know postage is very expensive. Here at Harmon Printing we start by processing your list using the following services and providing you with the best database maintenance possible:
  • Coding Accuracy Support System(CASS) service improves the accuracy of the address on each mail piece before the NCOA process achieving the best results.
  • National Change of Address (NCOA) service matches the zip code, address and name to the National USPS database. When a match is made the new address is provided to cut down on returned mail and undelivered mail.
  • Presort Accuracy Validation and Evaluation (PAVE) service determines the accuracy in sorting addresses according to USPS standards. Presorting, or grouping your mail together by zip code.
  • Using our postal software and matching each name by zip+4/address we can assure that you are not sending more than one mail piece to the same person or household. Before performing this process is it discussed with our clients as to which level we take this. In the end all of these results are returned to the client for their review and database maintenance.
  • Formatting your mail pieces to meet USPS machinability standards including an Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMB) to meet USPS automation requirements
  • All of these services lower your postage rates, whenever you save the USPS time or money you get a discount.
Here are the 3 best reasons to use Harmon Printing for your direct mail campaign:
  • To build awareness: get the word out about your business by sending direct mail to a  target audience that are not yet your customers.
  • To remind customers of your business: Send direct mail to existing customer to remind them of your business and its products and services
  • To promote a new product service or event: Direct mail is a good way to promote a new product, service or upcoming event.