Design & Layout Tips

  • Hire a designer
  • Stay on brand to make sure people know it’s you
  • Choose the size based on your needs — rack card size for display areas, letter size tri-fold fits in standard #10 business envelope  
  • Use high resolution imagery
  • Content should produce a response: call, go to website, visit your place of business
  • Keep artwork at least 1/8” away from top and left edges
  • Check USPS guidelines if you want to use areas outside the usual return address area
  • Often the 1st impression, consider adding a little extra
Business Cards
  • Leave some white space—people write on them
  • Ideal for design splash —it’s people’s first impression of you
  • Special and unique card stock is available, ask us
  • Hire a designer
  • Use high resolution imagery
  • Include chapter title pages so people who are flipping through the booklet for quicker access
  • Include a table of contents
  • Use the pages to tell a story, paint a picture
Post Cards
  • Size matters — larger cards grabs attention, traditional size is cheapest to mail
  • Make the message clear, concise
  • Stay on brand to make sure people know it’s you